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*Before you get started you will need your Student ID# 
Example: Student ID: 123456  ( 5-7 digit number)
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Please note that all three requirements below must be met in order to park on campus:

1)      Fill out the online application 

2)      Pay the Pay to Participate fee  (via Visa or Mastercard during the online registration process).  The fee is $150.

3)      Attend the Safe Driving Seminar

Any questions can be emailed to Ms. Unger- or she can be reached during the hours of 1-4pm at 973 838 5500 *4012

Parking is only guranteed for Seniors at Kinnelon High School who are considered to be in good standing.  

Junior Parking will occur based on the number of spots available after all Seniors have bee assigned spots.  Once the number of spots have been filled, a lottery will be done quartely to determine who can park for that quarter.

The KHS Administration reserves the right to only allow students to park on campus who are "Students in Good Standing" as defined in our Student Handbook.  This privlege can be removed at any time due to violations of student policy. 




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